This is a time to let me know all the final plans, confirm timings, group shots and let me know some of your suppliers! Feel free to include anything and everything that you think I should know.

Advice: Make sure the space you're getting ready in is as tidy as possible, it looks better for the photos but also creates a much calmer atmosphere! You might want to pop some details to one side so I can photograph these (Stationery, Jewellery, Shoes etc). If possible, natural light always works best for photographs.

If yes, try to walk and not run through the confetti, it can be wild and makes amazing photographs!

Advice: Pass this list to a friend or family member on the day, they can help to gather people and make the process even quicker. Ideally someone who knows both sides of the family. Sticking to 8 group shots ensures you can spend as long as possible enjoying your day.

This really helps me to ensure I'm tagging and crediting the correct people on social media & my website.